How can I improve the lift ability of my ZEP-AIR balloon?
Make sure to fully inflate the balloon for maximum lift and to seal the valve well to maintain the inflation. (see photo below or on box back)
Completely deflate before inflating again. (see how to deflate below)
This rids the balloon of air infusion which occurs several days after a full inflation.

Remove excess ballast weights or tail fins if necessary.
If message letters are used, reduce the message length, or choose lighter weight letters.
Remove any foreign objects that may have been picked up by static.

Inflate until the skin becomes tight and the ripples between the deep creases along the top and bottom dissappear.
Under Inflation Photo
ZEP-AIR Balloon Full Inflation Photo


How do I attach the tail fins?


Step 1

Using scissors, cut the two small square balloon envelopes diagonally along the yellow guide line, or measure 2" from opposing ends if using the unprinted balloons.

Cut the Fin envelopes



Step 2

Use your finger nail to grab one of the 1" white adhesive strips where it meets the backing sheet, and peel off the sheet.

Important: The adhesive needs to remain on the strip rather than the backing sheet.

Peel Adhesive Strips



Step 3

Fold the strip to form a bracket with the sticky side out, and insert into the fold at one end of the fin envelope. Repeat for a second strip.

Adhesive Strips added to Fin



Step 4

Press the fin onto the fully inflated blimp.
On the printed balloon, a yellow line marks the side fin location, and blue regions mark the top and bottom fin locations.

Repeat for remaining fins.

Fin Attachment to Blimp


How do I deflate the balloon for storage?
Carefully remove the black plastic straw from the gondola and insert it 3/4 into the balloon valve.
Slowly and gently press on the balloon until empty.

How will I know when to recharge the green vehicle battery?
Recharge the green battery when you notice less lift and turning responsiveness.

Why does the ZEP-AIR turn off by itself after 30 seconds of inactivity?
The vehicle will turn off all motors if no command is received within a 30 second period.
This assures a safe decent if control is lost or left unattended.

What is the largest room size the ZEP-AIR will fly well in?
The ZEP-AIR infrared control system is designed to operate effectively in rooms up to 20' x 20'
A direct line of sight to the rear of the vehicle may be necessary in larger rooms.

Why do I loose control when my ZEP-AIR is up against a sun-bright window? Or when the big screen TV is on?
Intense light may interfere with the ZEP-AIR infra-red control signal.
Some big screen TVs may also interfere with the ZEP-AIR while on.

How would I convert my ZEP-AIR to use a different battery type?
If you're experienced wih hobby battery installations, you may want to use your favorite Li-Ion, LiPo or LiFePO4 cell as
the ZEP-AIR motor vehicle allows a wide input battery voltage range from 1V-5V.
The molded plastic AAA battery holder may be easily removed for access to soldering a micro battery connector.


Custom Battery Conversion

The ZEP-AIR™ motor vehicle allows a wide input battery voltage range from 1V-5V.

If you're experienced with hobby battery installations you can easily replace the AAA battery holder with the battery connector of your choice.

Snip the AAA terminal pins at the base of both positive and negative ends as shown below.

Snip the battery holder terminal pins at the base.

Reach under the coil on the negative terminal to get at the pin base.

Snip the battery holder terminal pins at the base.

Solder your battery connector as shown. The black lead is soldered to the negative pad of the red LED, but you may choose to solder the negative to the negative terminal pin pad at the far rear near the green LED.

Solder new battery terminals as shown.